Fish River Canyon – Ais Ais – Klein Aus

Ai-Ais Hot Springs Resort is at the source of a mineral and sulphur-rich hot spring, and means 'burning water' in the local dialect.This resort is situated at the southern end of Namibia's Fish River Canyon. Ai-Ais is part of the Ai-Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park which includes both the Richtersveld in South Africa and Ai-Ais in Namibia. Desert Horse Campsite at Klein Aus Vista is a magical campsite. Here, wild horses of the Namib roam and desert sand blows through old diamond towns.

🙂 Sunsets. Sunrises.

🙁 Nothing negative to report.

Tuesday, 29 December 2020: Hobas – Ais Ais – Aus (300Km) 30C

Up at 05h30 after an excellent night sleep. Only one car at lookout point – awesome. We realised that we had lost our Monzo card so raced back to shop but closed – opened camper and luckily it was in our sleeping bag!!

Drove to Ais Ais – stunning canyons and rock formations. Saw zebra, springbok, ostrich and gemsbok. Had breakfast and then swam in the hot springs – completely deserted. Hottest spring is 65C!

Filled up with petrol. The scenery is spectacular. The drive along the greenery surrounding the Orange River is magnificent.

Dreadful police checkpoint on leaving Ais Ais  – took about thirty minutes to slowly search our vehicle asking us if we were certain that we did not have any weapons! He kept hinting for money or a present.

It was a long drive and arrival at Klein Aus was very welcome. The owner was very helpful and friendly. Lazed by the pool but annoying Afrikaans woman allowed her three year old to keep throwing stones into the pool and did not retrieve them – quite unbelievable. 

Fantastic campsite – no 9. Divine lighting across the vast sky and rock formations in the golden hour.

Filmed some little mice going about their business foraging for food. Too cute.

Beautiful full moon lit up the night sky.

Braai disappointing as lamb very tough.

Bed at 21h30.

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