Big Daddy – Dune 7 – Spitzkoppe

Big Daddy is the tallest dune in the Sossusvlei area. This magnificent dune is situated between Sossusvlei and Deadvlei and at 325 meters it dwarfs the other dunes. Should you want the ultimate bragging rights, take a lot of water and trek to the top of Big Daddy and then run down the steep dune onto Deadvlei. Dune 7 is the highest dune in Namibia. The dune has been measured at over 1,256 feet and is named Dune 7 because it is the seventh dune one encounters after crossing the river Tsauchab. The Spitzkoppe is a group of bald granite peaks or inselbergs located between Usakos and Swakopmund in the Namib desert of Namibia. The granite is more than 120 million years old and the highest outcrop rises about 1,728 metres above sea level. The peaks stand out dramatically from the flat surrounding plains.

🙂 Big Daddy views. Running down Big Daddy. Deadvlei. Spitzkoppe sunset.

🙁 One step forward, two steps back on dunes! Toughest climb ever! Quad biking on dunes!

Friday, 1st January 2021:  Big Daddy – Walvis Bay – Dune 7 Quad Biking – Spitzkoppe (516Km) 37C

Up at 04h30. Last 3Kms were in sand in the dark! Quite hectic.

We started the walk behind a guide and a couple and asked him if it was correct for Big Daddy which he confirmed. Caitlyn said that she did not recognise the walk at all… we should have listened!! The family laughed at me for going barefoot – the sand was still cool as the sun had not risen… by the end everyone had taken off their shoes – lol.

Supposed to be one hour – two hours later and after we had also summited Big Mamma we finally approached the ridge for the final ascent of Big Daddy! I had been leading the way by a significant distance and it was one step forward and two steps back in the virgin sand. I counted twenty steps and then rested …repeat … Exhausting! But magnificent!

Toughest climb ever – but a spectacular start to 2021!!  Waving to the others from the ridge where I waited for them.

Finally they arrived. Caitlyn then ran past me to summit first – cheeky monkey! Paul followed and finally a very tired and grumpy Charlotte!

We then ran down Big Dady at pace – we all tripped and fell over – but that was half the fun and exhilaration – we were covered in red desert sand!

Raced down the dune to Deadvlei- so exhilarating! We all fell – hilarious video of girls.

Amazing photo opportunities in Deadvlei – felt like we were in a National Geographic Shoot… just amazing.

In all it took much longer than we had planned at nearly 4hours. Left at 10h00 – spectacular scenery all the way to Walvis Bay. Had hoped to stop at the legendary Big Moose’s in Solitaire but unfortunately it was closed due to New Year – we were very sad to miss the legendary apple pie!

Drove on to Dune 7 Adventures just outside of Walvis Bay for quad biking – SO cool!! I was a bit scared and couldn’t go as fast so the guide took me on the back of his bike so that we could all have fun. Took some cool pics.

He used a magnet to extract the iron from the sand and write happy New Year – v cool. Gave him a good tip so he was super happy and just kept wanting to take more pics of us.

Quick stop via Walvis Bay to spot the pelicans and then on the road again. When you drive up, you can already see the tip of the iconic Spitzkoppe mountain in the distance.

Got to Spitzkoppe camp site at 19h00 – MAGNIFICENT!! The most beautiful sunset and colours on the rocks – heavenly.

Our camp site was No. 13 where we greeted by a klipspringer family… too adorable.

The Spitzkoppe Campsite is world famous and is a MUST DO as it is indeed the most beautiful campsite in Namibia. This mountain oasis in the Namib desert, with unique oversized boulders and secret caves, allows you to camp in complete peace and tranquility. With the majestic Namibian “Matterhorn” as backdrop, and with the next camping site kilometers away, each visitor owns the mountain during his time here. There are 25 sites and each camp site is huge and unique due to the varying rock formations. There is a dry long drop toilet per camp site which are tucked out of site. There are communal showers at the entrance to the campsite as well as a little restaurant.

When Caitlyn was here with Josh they had seen a cow hoisted in a tree by a leopard! Sat around fire and had a braai and enjoyed a glass of wine… once in bed we could hear the jackals in camp calling to each other. Another spectacular day in paradise!

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