SA: Trent is born

The handsome Trent Peter Snijman Earwaker was joyously born at 13h07 on 2 May 1990 at Westville Hospital in Durban, South Africa (despite me wanting a home birth - no one would offer me this option!). He weighed in at 2.8Kgs. Trent means the torrent and we knew he would be a force of nature. Oupa is Pieter and Jacques's Dad is Peter. Godparents are Lynn-Dee & Neil.

🙂 Quick and easy birth!

🙁 Only just made to the hospital … should have been a home birth as I had wanted!

I had really wanted to have Trent at home but back in the 1990s that was not yet a thing, and less so in SA! I woke up on the 2nd of May (Trent was due on the 4th) after having helped friends move the day before and doing quite a lot of lifting and moving. I went to the loo and the plug popped out… I felt a few twinges and thought that they were braxton hicks so did my puzzle. They started to come faster and Ida, my Nanny said she thought the baby was coming so I called Jacques. The car wouldn’t start and we had to have a jump start – by now one contraction was on top of the other. We drove hell for leather to Westville Hospital where they took one look at me and put me into a room and did an examination – to be told the head was. crowning – by now all my thoughts of a natural birth had gone out the window and I asked about an epidural … the nurse said the baby was already there and for me to feel the hair – what a precious moment that was… Dr Martin entered and said he was doing a Caesarean at 1pm … I said I knew and it was my friend Debbie! Trent came a few minutes later – making him only 10mins late for Debbie… I felt great and we let the umbilical cord pulsate and I did not need and injections as the placenta came naturally. I did have to stay overnight which was frustrating… I put Trent in bed with me and they all nearly had a fit! Then they tried to tell me that he should be circumcised! A lot of pressure to put on a new 22 year old Mother – but I held my ground and took my baby home in tact! A beautiful experience.

Trent’s Christening

The GrandParents & Godparents

Trent had amazing energy and was incredibly mobile – he crawled just before 5mo and walked just before 9mo!

We left South Africa when he was 18mo old on 20 Apr 1992.

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