Vodka! For many, it’s better than the Russian one. Widely consumed in Poland, the national drink is a must-served on every Polish wedding or a birthday party. Former Pope John Paul II was Polish and the first non-Italian Pope to serve. The Wielickza Salt Mines includes rock salt chandeliers in the chapel. Auschwitz is a silent monument to remind the world of the Holocaust.

🙂 Vodka and beer (if you like that). Mountains and forest. People. Affordable.

🙁 Smoking everywhere.

Currency: Polish Zloty

THREE Things we did not know about Poland:

  1. The Błędowska Desert, located between Kraków and Katowice, is the largest accumulation of loose sand in central Europe.  Thousands of years ago, a melting glacier gave way to this vast expanse of crumbled rock and sand. However, the cause of this desert climate was actually human activity. Aggressive forest clearing and mining left the soil unable to hold a constant water table, and the Błędowska Desert was born.  Another fact about this desert in Poland: the name Błędowska comes from the word “błędow,” meaning “mistake.”
  2. Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe and shares its borders with seven countries – including Germany and Russia. Poland in the Polish language means Polska, which translates to people living in open fields.
  3. The Polish have a unique way to welcome spring each year. In the beginning, they make a doll out of straw, decorating them with ribbons. This doll called Marzanna is then burnt and dropped into the local river. It’s a way to welcome spring after a chilly winter.

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