The Philippines is a an archipelago covering 7,641 islands (2,000 inhabited) running across the Pacific rim of fire. the Philippines is famous for breathtaking sunrises and sunsets because it is close to the equator (right above it!) and the sunlight that hits these areas is more concentrated, hence tank-top temperatures and the daily light shows.

🙂 Amazing unspoilt beaches. Best diving we have done in the world!

🙁 Manilla hectic.

Currency: Philippine Peso

THREE things we did not know about the Philippines:

  1. For about 333 years, the Philippines was colonised by Spaniards. In fact, the country was named “Philippines” to honour Spain’s then-ruling monarch, King Philipp II.
  2. Karaoke is so popular in the Philippines that it is even used commercially to promote grocery items in supermarkets!
  3. Jeepneys are the most popular way of getting around in the Philippines. You can’t miss them – they are super colorful and kitsch! They’re also super crowded, which is how they got their name – one of the apparent origins of the word jeepney is from the words jeep and knee because passengers sit so closely together if you even manage to get a seat! The Jeepneys actually came from the US Army back in the days when the USA maintained military bases in the country. The Jeepneys back then were nicknamed “The Willys” when they were used by the Allies during the Second World War. Post-WW2, the Filipinos held on to these US Military jeeps, gave them a makeover to become one of the most radiant public transports we’ve ever seen!

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