Uganda: Mountains of the Moon 1994

The Rwenzoris, often called the Mountains of the Moon, lie on the Uganda DRC border and mark the frontier between the high savannah plains of East Africa and the low dense forests of the west. It is a true mountain range covering six massifs. The highest point in the range is Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley at 5,109m is the 3rd highest point in Africa after Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

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Uganda's outstanding features are the largest freshwater lake on the continent, the source of the longest river, the strongest waterfall, the largest number of primates, and the highest number of mountain gorillas worldwide

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Uganda: Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest – Gorillas

Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest is most notable for the 400 Bwindi gorillas, half of the world's population of the endangered mountain gorillas. Fourteen mountain gorilla groups live in the area. The thrill of gorilla trekking lies in the experience of hiking through unknown territory and tropical forest. We felt very 'David Attenborough'

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