Turkey is famous for where East meets West: from the traditional Turkish tea to famous carpets, hammams and bazaars, destinations like Istanbul and sweet treats like Turkish delights and baklava.... simply wonderful.

🙂 Coffee. Turkish Delight. Sunshine. Sea and beaches. Sailing in a gullet. Turkish baths. Great Shopping. Archeological sites. Meze.

🙁 Health & Safety. Litter. Smoking. Animal cruelty.

Currency: Turkish Lira

THREE things we did not know about Turkey:

  1. Istanbul is on two continents (Europe and Asia) and Ankara, not Istanbul, is the capital of Turkey. The original name of Istanbul (Constantinople) is “Byzantium” and was founded on seven hills.
  2. Turkey may be known for classics such as Turkish Delight or Turkish Coffee, but it is actually the world’s largest producer of hazelnuts. Turkish hazelnuts make up around 72.9% of the world’s supply, 
  3. It is widely believed that Mount Ararat is where Noah’s ark landed. Peak Ararat is the highest point in Turkey and is located in the east, close to the Iranian and Armenian borders. Some explorers claim that they actually found the evidence of the ark in Ararat,

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