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From its rugged coastline studded with gold sand beaches and secret coves, to rolling countryside dotted with patchwork fields and crops of ancient woodland, to vertiginous peaks set above glistening meres and heather-clad moors, via kitschy seaside resorts, pretty-as-a-postcard villages and handsome market towns ... there is something for everyone. It is also the perfect base if you are a travel addict with the strong GBP currency and centralised location with easy access to everywhere in the world. The weather is actually part of its appeal: Spring is full of new life, with daffodils blooming and Easter egg hunts. In summer it’s all about eating ice cream at the beach and picnics in the countryside. Autumn dazzles when the trees turn bright red and orange, and winter brings snow, sledging and cosy nights in front of a roaring fire. What is not to love?!

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which we have purposefully separated as Individual ‘countries’ under Europe for ease of filtering.

🙂 The Queen. The Countryside. TV & Film.

🙁 Builders bottoms. Variable speed limits. (Drunk) Brits (abroad). Politics and Brexit. Xenophobia. The weather.

Currency: British Pound GBP £

THREE things we did not know about the United Kingdom

  1. The United Kingdom was the first country to use postage stamps. Issued in May 1840, the first stamp was known as the Penny Black and featured the then-monarch, Queen Victoria.
  2. Windsor Castle is the oldest royal residence in the world that is still being used by the royal family and that the Buckingham Palace was built in 1702 on the site of an infamous brothel!
  3. In medieval England even animals were tried in royal courts and punished for damages they inflicted on people or their properties!

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