Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has homegrown large firms, such as Skoda, Budweiser Budvar, Pilsner Urquell and Bata. That's a car company, a shoe company and two beer companies. The Czech Republic is sometimes called the “castle capital of the world.” There are more than 2000 castles and castle ruins in the country.

🙂 It was great visiting the Czech Republic in early 90s and getting to know the country and people through our lovely au pair. Great architecture. Skoda cars.

🙁 Graffiti. Bad drivers.

Currency: Czech Koruna

THREE things we did not know about the Czech Republic:

  1. The Czech are famously known for their beer drinking. In fact, with 188l of beer per person per year, the Czechs are the biggest beer consumers in the world (ahead of Austria, Romania, and Germany). In terms of total consumption, the Czechs drank more than 2 billion litres, making the top 20 in the world.
  2. Bohemian glass is one of the most famous exports from the Czech Republic and widely popular as tourist souvenirs. Also known as Bohemia Crystal, it’s recognised globally for its beauty, high quality, craftsmanship, and innovative designs. The oldest archaeological finds of glass-making sites date to the 13th in the Lusatian Mountains, Northern Bohemia. Some of the most famous producers of Bohemian Glass (or Czech Glass) are: Moser – the most luxurious Czech bran; Ruckl – known for selling to Queen Elizabeth II and Crystalex – the largest Czech producer, owner of the Bohemia Crystal trademark
  3. During Easter Sunday, Boys (sometimes even men) take willow twigs, braid them into whips, decorate them with colourful ribbons, and on Easter Monday morning gently use them to whip girls (and women) while chanting a rhyme requesting eggs from the girls in return. This is mainly a pagan tradition called pomlázka, which is the name of the whip. This centuries-old tradition is supposed to bring luck, health, and fertility to the girls. The girls typically decorate the eggs during Easter Sunday to give to the boys.

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