Jordan is home to more than 100,000 archaeological, religious and tourist sights. Like Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum and Jerash, only to name a few. Jordan is rich in history and culture, it is a great holiday destination to enjoy your time and educate yourself on Middle Eastern heritage.

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A Taste of Tallinn

Tallinn is Estonia's capital which has retained its medieval walled cobblestoned Old Town which is considered an Old World Treasure and UNESCO heritage site. It is built on a limestone hill and is lined picturesque churches, merchant's houses and underground tunnels. It provides the perfect photo opportunities and the chance to sample some unique food and drink. The longest tunnel in the world measuring between 93-103Kms Helsinki-Tallinn railway tunnel should be inaugurated in the 2030s at a cost of 15b Euros.

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The former capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy is famed for sheltering a tooth of the Buddha — the country’s most holy Buddhist relic — along with botanical gardens, temples and an artificial lake.

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Sri Lanka

Apart from the myriad of landscapes, cultures, climates and food it is the warm, gentle people that make this one of our favourite countries in the world. It is a tropical paradise with white beaches and incredible wildlife and what is more is that it is highly affordable ... we need to go back to continue exploring!

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Vodka! For many, it’s better than the Russian one. Widely consumed in Poland, the national drink is a must-served on every Polish wedding or a birthday party. Former Pope John Paul II was Polish and the first non-Italian Pope to serve. The Wielickza Salt Mines includes rock salt chandeliers in the chapel. Auschwitz is a silent monument to remind the world of the Holocaust.

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Turkey is famous for where East meets West: from the traditional Turkish tea to famous carpets, hammams and bazaars, destinations like Istanbul and sweet treats like Turkish delights and baklava.... simply wonderful.

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Cambodia is best known for two things: the Khmer Rouge genocide and the temples of Angkor Watt. Both have done their part to shape the country and will inevitably shape your trip. Cambodians will welcome you with open generous arms.

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