Did you know that the Swiss gave the world Absinthe, muesli and LSD? Or that the country has 208 mountains above 3000 metres? A scenic country with Alps and Lakes - what is not to love?!

🙂 Lake Geneva. Chocolate. Fondues. Summer wine fares. Skiing. Stunning Scenery.

🙁 Expensive.

Currency: Swiss Franc

THREE things we did not know about the Switzerland:

  1. Fondue was not always the national dish – That pot of melted cheese that’s foisted on you at every opportunity in Switzerland only became popular in the 20th century. It’s all thanks to the Swiss Cheese Union who marketed their cheese so aggressively and fondue to ramp up their sales and profits.
  2. The Swiss eat 10.3Kgs of chocolate per person per year.
  3. “Needle Park”, so called because in the1980s the park was hijacked by thousands of heroin users and dealers. The space, despite being in the heart of downtown Zurich, became one of the most famous examples of Switzerland’s “open drug” scenes. In 1994, Switzerland went on to pass one of the most progressive and controversial drug policies in the world, which included the dispensing of heroin. Those four pillars of the Swiss law were introduced and include harm reduction, treatment, prevention and repression (or law enforcement). The nation cut its drug overdose deaths significantly. HIV and Hepatitis C infection rates dropped. And crime rates also dropped.

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