2020: Sheldrick Trust – Sponsor Visit

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust operates an orphan elephant rescue and wildlife rehabilitation program in Kenya. It was founded in 1977 by Dame Daphne Sheldrick to honor her late husband, David Sheldrick. Since 2001, it has been run by their daughter, Angela Sheldrick.

🙂 Those baby elephants!! Amazing conservation work.


On our last day we all had ANOTHER amazing highlight to look forward to: A trip to Sheldrick Trust where we could meet our adopted elephants. Ever since reading An African Love Story by Dame Daphne Sheldrick it has been a dream of mine to visit this haven for orphaned elephants. The orphan that we sponsor is a 3 year old boy called Mukkoka and for our friend’s 50th we had donated sponsorship of the tiny and fiesty and gorgeous 18 month old Bondeni. Here are photos of them:

We are incredibly grateful to have been hosted by Charlotte who is a member of the Sheldrick family, especially during the challenges posed by Covid. We thoroughly enjoyed a relaxed, informative and interactive hour with the elephants. Probably one of the best experiences of my life – so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with such magnificent creatures.

Feeding time was a joy to witness – the calves race to their keepers – slipping and sliding everywhere as it was raining. Once milk was downed it was time to play in the mud! Such a privilege to witness.

The rescued black rhino is called Maxwell and is blind and a little shy but thriving in his ‘forever home’.

Enormous respect to each of the 40 Keepers who devote their lives to becoming the lost family of the orphaned elephants providing them with round the clock care and love.

SUCH a worthwhile cause. If you can, please donate as all funds go towards helping orphaned animals…every little bit adds up to make a difference.

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