Mexico is known for its rich culture, ancient ruins, dazzling beaches, and incredible cuisine and unfortunately its drug cartel.

πŸ™‚ Beaches. Diving. History. Mayan Ruins. Great food. Tequila.

πŸ™ Drugs and the Cartel. Tequila.

πŸ™‚ Currency: Mexican Peso

THREE things we did not know about Mexico”

  1. More Americans migrate to Mexico than any other nationality! In May 2019, Mexican official statistics estimated that the US-born population had reached 799,000. That’s quadruple what it was in 1990 and probably still a modest estimate. The US Embassy in Mexico City puts the actual number at around 1.5 million.
  2. In Mexico City the once beloved green VW beetle is nearly extinct! The capital’s taxis are now four-door vehicles with a rear trunk, like in most major world cities. At least one white and green taxi can still be seen: in a museum in Berlin. It was sent by Mexico City in 2008 as a gift, in a sort of return-to-sender gesture after a 50-year love affair.
  3. Despite the stereotype that Mexican women are constantly abused, women in Mexico are actually quite privileged. In Mexico City there are women-only buses and special sections for women on the subway.

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