2022: Masai Mara Hot Air Balloon


🙂 Exciting. Thrilling. Fun. Game viewing from a different perspective.

🙁 Bumpy takeoff – which is also fun!

We booked our hot air balloon trip from our lodge: Maraballooning. They collected us at 05h30 from our lodge and would provide transport back if required – our guide chose to collect us after breakfast. We made payment by card prior to take off.

Due to high winds we departed from a slightly different location than when we flew with Capt Riz in 2020 … we needed more space apparently! We also had to take off with the basket lying on its side highly exciting! Last time there was only our balloon which took 8 people – this time there were 11 balloons which each took 16 people in the air! A lucrative business!

We were soon airborne and the sunrise was divine.

We saw herds of elephants, zebra, wildebeest and buffalo as well as hyena. We could also spot all the cars around the tree where we had the leopard on a kill the previous evening .. so we know she was there!

We bought the cool photos from Capt Rizla.

After the flight we enjoyed a fantastic champagne breakfast while discussing our sightings – great fun! Doing it a second time was even more fun!

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