London...Ever since doing a project on Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the 1970s it was a dream to visit .... fast forward to 20 April 1992 and a working holiday of 6months ... never left - still living in the UK now and pinch myself every time I pass these iconic buildings! London is vibrant and busy and everyone is in a rush! It is a melting pot of so many cultures and nationalities and there is just so much history and so much to do - never a dull moment. So come on over to enjoy the double decker buses, red phone booths, world class museums and galleries and cosmopolitan vibe!

THREE things we did not know about London:

  1. Taxi Drivers have insanely good memories! To become one of London’s famous black taxi drivers, they first have to pass a ridiculously challenging test of all the city’s routes: ‘The Knowledge’. This involves mastering 320 basic routes, 20,000 landmarks and over 25,000 streets!
  2. There is a reason for the black mark over the clock over the horse guards parade: King Charles I was executed at 2 o’clock on 30th January 1649 and if you look closely at the clock above Horse Guards Parade, you’ll see a black mark by the II. This is to commemorate the time of his execution.
  3. COVENT Garden is a spelling mistake:  It was supposed to be CONvent Garden because a convent market used to be held there.

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