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London...Ever since doing a project on Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the 1970s it was a dream to visit .... fast forward to 20 April 1992 and a working holiday of 6months ... never left - still living in the UK now and pinch myself every time I pass these iconic buildings! London is vibrant and busy and everyone is in a rush! It is a melting pot of so many cultures and nationalities and there is just so much history and so much to do - never a dull moment. So come on over to enjoy the double decker buses, red phone booths, world class museums and galleries and cosmopolitan vibe!

🙂 London!!

🙁 Traffic. Train strikes.

THREE things we did not know about London:

  1. Taxi Drivers have insanely good memories! To become one of London’s famous black taxi drivers, they first have to pass a ridiculously challenging test of all the city’s routes: ‘The Knowledge’. This involves mastering 320 basic routes, 20,000 landmarks and over 25,000 streets!
  2. There is a reason for the black mark over the clock over the horse guards parade: King Charles I was executed at 2 o’clock on 30th January 1649 and if you look closely at the clock above Horse Guards Parade, you’ll see a black mark by the II. This is to commemorate the time of his execution.
  3. COVENT Garden is a spelling mistake:  It was supposed to be CONvent Garden because a convent market used to be held there.

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