Jukkasjäarvi: Wildlife Photography

An amazing morning with our Sami photographic guide ... birding, red squirrel, reindeer and moose all in the most incredible scenery...blissful

🙂 Moose. Reindeer.Scenery. Includes use of cameras and you can buy memory card.

🙁 Nothing negative to report.

We said farewell to the other two couples as they headed off on the morning flight (which was severely delayed) back to Stockholm. Our flight had been changed to the afternoon so we had booked a wildlife photography trip as a morning excursion. BUT we had forgotten our cameras! Fortunately it is all part of the deal and cameras were supplied. The lovely Ylva is a Sami and apart from being an excellent photographer is also an incredibly interesting lady. Her family own their own herd of reindeer and herd them on their annual migrations between the summer and winter pastures – looking at her videos and photos was incredible. Each reindeer in their herd has a specific notch to differentiate them from other Sami’s herds. Her husband had carved her puukko knives from birch and reindeer antlers and had forged the blades himself too. Paul had bought a Sami knife from the Heritage visit and showed her – she recognised his signature artwork and said he was famous for his fine craftsmanship (NOT cheap but so beautiful). Every item of of her clothing is functional, including her boots which are adapted to drag their sleds. She founded her own photographic business and I cannot recommend her highly enough – so personable: Scandinavian Sami Photoadventures.

We started at a bird hide where we managed to photograph an adorable red squirrel

We headed off on a side road and spotted wild reindeer.


The scenery is amazing.

Around the next corner was a moose and a calf….just amazing.


We then stopped to make fika next to the river with cheese coffee and Ylva’s homemade kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon buns). Another wonderful experience in this white winter wonderland.

White throated dipper

What a wonderful way to end a wonderful long weekend.n

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