Day 4 pm: Isabela

Isabela is the largest of the Galapagos Islands. Five volcanic craters reaching an elevation of 5,540 feet (1,689 metres), two of which are still active, dominate the island’s centre; hills covered with forests, vines, and orchids separate them from the sandy coastline. Unique to the island to the island are flightless cormorants and penguins. There are also large numbers of land iguanas and a flamingo colony.

🙂 EVERYTHING! Great landscapes. Penguins. Whales.

After lunch we took a panga and scoured the shoreline of Isabela.

We spotted Galapagos penguins – amazingly adept at under water swimming – darting around at speed.

Also saw many marine iguanas, herons, pelicans and chicks and blue footed boobies as well as turtles, rays and sea lions.

We had a dry landing and walked up to the caldera rim – a turquoise crater and lake reminiscent of Kelimutu in Flores, Indonesia. Paul, Charlotte and I did the long walk while Trent and Pete and Caitlyn went back to the boat.

Trent jumped from the top! 25ft and Caitlyn from 1st deck.

Sat ion the deck searching for whales. Saw two minke whales and small dolphins – magical!

Dinner with the Captain was pleasant – the British couple were invited but the heinous woman declined because she did not like me. 🙂 Laura and Barry joined us instead and we had a lovely evening before heading off to bed.

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