Ibiza is known for its nightlife and club scene in the summer - we LOVED the closing party season as it was a bit quieter but the weather still fab. There is so much more to the island though: Stunning beaches, hippy markets and Ibiza Town and great food.

THREE things we did not know about Ibiza:

  1. The local name of Ibiza is “Eivissa” and it has its own language “Eivissenc”
  2. Ibiza is not an island but an ancient mountain top. Ibiza is nestled on the Balearic mountain range. 5 million years ago, the Mediterranean basin was flooded during the Zanclean flood allowing the Atlantic Ocean to pour in through what is now the Straits of Gibraltar which created the Mediterranean Sea or Med – Assio Ibiza and left the mountain tops which are now known as the Balearic Islands.
  3. Ibiza is surrounded by water but fresh water is a commodity – The reason for this is that Santa Eulalia Riu, the only river in Ibiza, dried up in the late seventies and so the supply of fresh water on the island is hidden in deep natural underground reservoirs.

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