Honey Bee Garden Cooking Class

🙂 Food glorious food!

When reading and researching our trip to Sri Lanka I came across some great recommendations for Ruwini’s Honey Bee Cooking Class. Whenever we arrive in a new country we always do a cooking class and/or a food tour so that you literally get the flavours of each unique culture. I had e-mailed Ruwini several months earlier to book the class and then notified her of Covid related date changes. We had also called earlier to confirm our booking for the four of us. We arrived first, then another couple and then another four people … but the table was only set for 6! I discretely checked and she had actually forgotten our booking and thought we were the other group of 4 reconfirming by phone! She did not skip a beat and simply included us while her daughter laid more places. The group were absolutely lovely and we enjoyed a good laugh while learning delicious Sri Lankan culinary skills.

The following dishes were whisked up in the 2 hour session.

  1. Fresh coconut milk – yum!
  2. Dhaal
  3. Coconut Sambal
  4. Chicken Curry
  5. Aubergine Modju
  6. Bean Curry
  7. Roasted potatoes
  8. Pumpkin Curry
  9. Papadams
  10. Cucumber salad

You can subscribe to the You Tube Channel to get the recipes: Ruwini’s kitchen – YouTube 

You can follow her on Instagram: Ruwini’s Kitchen

Location on Google: Honey Bee Garden, Ella


🙂 Ruwini is warm, funny, hospitable and generous and a GREAT Cook!

🙁 Everything is perfect! Nothing negative to report.

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