Etosha Pan: Okaukuejo to Halali Camp

Halali is the most central camp on the east side of Etosha Park located strategically halfway between Okaukuejo Resort and Namutoni restcamp (approximately 70km either way). Although it is the smallest of these three camps Halali still has a lot to offer.

🙂 Famously photographed Black Rhino with no ears and no tail. Jackal pups. Lots of newborns in nurseries. Few cars. Cool Hide.

🙁 Torrential rain – too wet to sit at Hide.

Thursday, 7th January 2021: Etosha Pan, Okaukuejo Halali (70Kms) 32C

Awakened by the black rhino’s noisy arguments we broke up camp at 05h00. We spotted the famous black rhino in all the brochure photographs with no ears or tail.

Then we were entertained by the cutest jackal family playing with a piece of scrap car metal and carrying sticks around – Adorable.

Then we witnessed Mother regurgitating the contents of her stomach for the cubs to feast on! Amazing! So fascinating if you just take the time to stop and observe – they were oblivious to our presence.

After spending about 30mins with the jackals we moved on to the next waterhole. Three lions were relaxing there…

Hyena mobbed by a banded mongoose.

Black faced impala.

Zebras on the road…

Gorgeous wildebeest nursery!

A pride of lions.

The skies are so vast and the scenery so spectacular – even the springbok looked stunning.

Secretary bird.

Wonderful sighting of a black rhino and her calf (maybe 7mo old) – they were so inquisitive!

Arrived at Halali at 13h30 and selected camp site 12. We left out our deck chairs to mark our spot before heading off.

Headed to pool and enjoyed tasted sandwiches – ready for a swim when the heavens opened – Torrential rain!

We drove to the water hole but with the rain there was not much action. It was not letting up so we booked a chalet for the evening at a cost of only £30.

It was great to have a nice shower. The girls fell fast asleep while we braai’ed. Checked out the water hole at 23h00 but too wet for any animal! Back to bed! Would love to spend quality time here on a dry night.

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