Ella to Kandy Train Journey

The Ella to Kandy train is one of the world's best and most unique rail journeys and all this on a shoestring budget in 3rd class! The train gently rocks around steep mountain passes and through lush green tea plantations. The trip takes around seven hours and really was one of our top highlights of our trip!

🙂 The open windows and doors to hang out of – 3rd class is the ONLY way to travel!

🙁 The last two stops got very crowded.

Ranjan had kindly pre-purchased our 3rd class tickets for us in advance so we passed effortlessly through the barrier and waited about an hour for the train which is always notoriously late. There is a reason for purchasing 3rd class tickets and that is so that you can feel the wind in your hair from the open windows and while sitting in the open doorways o the train watching the beautiful scenery go by – exhilarating! Charlotte took the opportunity to get some work done. Sweet tea and snacks are offered on sale. The snacks are savoury donuts called ULUNDU VADAI (MEDU VADA). SUCH fun! The time whizzed by and the train only got really full and a little uncomfortable at our final two stops (rush hour!). I will let the photos do the talking!

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