Day 2 pm: Genovesa: Darwin Bay

Darwin Bay – Galapagos Islands. Darwin Bay is an interesting Galapagos Islands visitor site which can be found on Genovesa Island. This island is also sometimes known as Tower. Darwin Bay is a stunning coral beach.

🙂 Pate falling off the rib!

Lunch was fish, pasta and fruit. After lunch we went for a glass bottom kayak ride which was cool. Then we took the panga over to the beach in Darwin Bay. Several sea lions were suckling their young. The area is like a nursery where young bulls guard the females and babies. Spotted a white morph of a Nazca booby, warbler finch and yellow warbler finch.

Among the bird species found in Darwin Bay the most common are swallow-tailed and lava gulls, mockingbirds, yellow-crowned night herons, lava herons, Galapagos doves and yellow warblers, which add a dash of colour with their bright yellow feathers. AMAZING! The salt bushes of the island are dominated by great frigatebirds and red-footed boobies that breed in abundance on this island. Looking carefully, you might spot unusual red-footed boobies that have white feathers instead of their normal brown plumage. From the beach a trail leads past tide pools and lava ridges to a high point overlooking the bay, offering one of the most rewarding views in Galapagos. Darwin bay is also the only place in the islands to observe the sharp-beaked ground finch.

While we were snorkelling two of the young sea lion bulls swam straight at us at a 100miles per hour and swerved at the last second – adrenaline! Saw parrot fish, leopard moray eel. Pete fell of the boat on the way back and dropped his camera in the water – thank goodness it was sealed! Also saw eagle rays and banito tuna.

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