When I think about Canada the following springs to mind: Maple Syrup, Marijuana, Ice Hockey and stunning vistas! Canadians are also the most polite people that we have ever come across. The wildlife is spectacular - bear and whale watching off the remote Knight Inlet made forever memories. The National Parks are out of this world and we covered many miles in our huge RV - the only way to do it! We were also fortunate enough to take the Silver and Blue train coast to coast across Canada - an amazing journey!

🙂 Everything! Scenery. Wildlife. Mountains. Rodeo. People. Maple syrup.

🙁 Cold in parts! No gun ban.

Currency: Canadian Dollar

THREE things that we did not know about Canada:

  1. Alberta is well prepared for the arrival of UFOs! The world’s first UFO landing pad was opened here in 1967.
  2. Since 1930 Canada and Denmark have engaged in a whisky war! This is a playful contention over the ownership of Hans Island. Whenever the Canadian military visit the tiny barren island they leave a bottle of Canadian whiskey behind along with a sign stating “Welcome to Canada”.
  3. There is a $1million coin that is the same size as a motorcycle tyre – it is legal tender!

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