Yoho National Park & Emerald Lake & Golden Wolf Sanctuary

Yoho National Park is in the Rocky Mountains, in eastern British Columbia, Canada. Waterfalls include Wapta Falls, on the Kicking Horse River, and towering Takakkaw Falls. A trail circles turquoise-coloured Emerald Lake, with a nearby natural stone bridge. The Lake O’Hara area contains alpine lakes, cliffs and wooded trails. Viewpoints overlook trains entering the Spiral Tunnels on Kicking Horse Pass.

🙂 STUNNING scenery

We left Lake Louise and drove the circa 35 Km Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. It is the largest lake in Yoho and famed for its jade like colour. The lake’s typical green colour is caused by glacial stilt flown to the lake from the glaciers high in the mountains and is best seen on a sunny day in summer. is an easy 1.5-mile trail that starts out of the Coldwater Creek Campground and is an out-and-back type trail. One of the most famous photo spots at Emerald Lake is right next to the parking lot. The classic view of Emerald Lake with 2599 meters high Mount Burgess in the background can be seen from the wooden bridge. The Burgess Shale deposits are one of the most important fossil localities in the world. We swam in the Lake which was cold but refreshing.

The Natural Bridge at Yoho Natural Park in British Columbia is a wonder that will keep you wondering. It is a naturally-formed stone bridge that connects one side to the other side of the Kicking Horse River. When the ice and glaciers melt in its surrounding area, the sounds of the cascading water can be heard almost like, well, a kicking horse? You might be wondering why is the river named “The Kicking Horse River?” It got its name from a near-fatal kick (by a packhorse) that knocked James Hector while he was discovering the area.

We then took the loooong drive to Golden Wolf Sanctuary. When we arrived all the wolves howled. The owners were deeply passionate about conservation. It really was worth the detour to visit. The letterboxes serve homesteads for miles around.

We headed back to our campsite after grabbing a quick takeaway for dinner.

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