Waterton National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is in southern Alberta, Canada, bordering Montana’s Glacier National Park. It’s known for its chain of lakes, including the large Upper and Middle Waterton lakes, flanked by the Rocky Mountains. The Red Rock Parkway crosses the prairie to the small Red Rock Canyon. Bison graze near the Bison Paddock Loop Road. In Waterton village, a pathway offers close-up views of Cameron Falls.

🙂 Very quiet and utterly beautiful.

🙁 Nothing negative to say!

We had a long day so had to be up at 05h00 – so needed another hour! Both girls slept walked and talked and Caitlyn ended up in bed with us – must have been the stress of Pete disappearing that took its toll on them. We left at 7am and stopped for a coffee. Our fury at the previous night’s antics mellowed as we drove. We made toast en-route and were highly excited to spot moose on the prairie in the distance!

The drive went on forever until we got to Waterton Lakes Park bison paddock, which is when I spotted a bison and then another and then a whole herd – we were beside ourselves as our first ever bison sighting! They are HUGE!

Bison helped shape the grassland ecosystem that supports a diversity of life today. They are a keystone species which create a mosaic of habitats. Their debarking creates open areas from forest and woodland that helps grasslands thrive along with associated species such as butterflies, insects, and reptiles…restoring bison benefits the entire ecosystem, from the soil to top predators, including many species at risk. The rescue of bison from near-extinction is one of Parks Canada’s greatest success stories. Since this trip bison had to be relocated due to fires in 2017 but they were reintroduced in 2021.

Arrived at Waterton and checked in to No.6 – BEST spot! A stunning location. Kids cycled. Paul and I left them and Pete to light the fire while we did a little road trip and drove the red rock canyon pathway which is magnificent with a beautiful red glow late in the afternoon.

Red Rock Parkway in Waterton Park is a classic example of “where the mountains meet the prairie. The scenery is breathtaking, and there is wildlife throughout the parkway, including black bear, whitetail deer, mule deer, moose, bighorn sheep and much more.

The Red Rock Canyon Trail is a short circular and stunning trail. It is one of the most scenic and geologically rich places inside the National Park. Created due to water erosion, this canyon delights visitors with an array of red and green coloured bedrock, called argillite, further accented by the surrounding lush vegetation, wildflowers, and mountain peaks in the background. 

We had some shy company passing by …

We headed back and enjoyed a lovely braai – steak and mushroom sauce with mash for dinner in this piece of paradise!

The girls wrote their diaries.

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