VIA Rail: Silver and Blue Trans Canadian Train

4,466Kms, 4 nights, 4 days. Leave the city centre behind and glide through gentle prairie fields, rugged lake country and picturesque towns to the snowy peaks of the majestic Rockies.

🙂 Scenery. Chilled train journey.

🙁 Be prepared for LONG delays! Age limit for alcohol varies as you pass through states which was interesting with an 18 year old!

Our VIA train was due to depart at 09h00 from Toronto. When we went to check in we discovered that it had been delayed by 10 hours so we explored the City. We collected our luggage and checked in and had some cake and juice in the waiting room. When we boarded we were surprised that the day seats converted in to the night beds! We did not actually have cubicles. We managed to get some sleep. We spent the next few days playing board games and enjoying the scenery. We even saw a mountain lion take a cow from the viewing deck when we were crawling along – no time to get a camera but very exciting! Trent was 18 but when we went through States where the alcohol age limit was 19 or 21 they asked him to top drinking his beer! Unfortunately we lost a further 12 hours on the journey so we arrived 24 hours late in Calgary which meant one day lost in our RV itinerary. You cannot get stressed about it – it is what it is! Here are a few memories.

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