Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a group of three waterfalls at the southern end of Niagara Gorge, spanning the border between the province of Ontario in Canada and the state of New York in the United States. The largest of the three is Horseshoe Falls, which straddles the international border of the two countries.

🙂 Iconic! Power of the water. Bucket List – Tick.

🙁 Crowds. Helicopter a bit scary!

THREE things that we did not know about Niagara Falls

  1. Niagara Falls are actually three falls. Horseshoe, or Canadian, Falls are the uppermost waterfalls and are divided by the U.S. border with Canada. American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are on the U.S. side of the river downstream from Horseshoe Falls.
  2. An estimated 5,000 bodies have been found at the foot of the falls between 1850 and 2011. On average, between 20 and 30 people die going over the falls each year. The majority of deaths are suicides, and most take place from the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Many of these suicides are not publicised by officials.
  3. The whirlpool at the foot of the falls is a basin 518 metres long by 365 metres wide, with depths up to 38 metres.

Our greyhound bus arrived promptly at the Rail Station where we managed to store our luggage securely.

We had booked breakfast at Table Rock House on the brink of the Falls. The views were spectacular and the weather was great. The colours were vivid and it was amazing to be there. Trent was still exhausted!

After breakfast we took the Maid of the Mist boat tour to get up close and personal with the Falls.

We then took a helicopter flip over the Falls with Niagara Helicopters Limited – it was fantastic to see them from another perspective.

We then did the self guided White Water walking trail around the floors – prepare to get wet!

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