Lake Louise and Agnes / Beehive Trailhead

Lake Louise is a hamlet in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies, known for its turquoise, glacier-fed lake ringed by high peaks and overlooked by a stately chateau. Hiking trails wind up to the Lake Agnes Tea House for bird's-eye views. There's a canoe dock in summer, and a skating rink on the frozen lake in winter. The Lake Louise Ski Resort features a wildlife interpretive centre at the top of a gondola

🙂 SPECTACULAR! Bucketlist – Tick.

🙁 Lake Agnes Teahouse is prohibitively expensive.

We were up early and decided to do the Lake Agnes Trailhead which is a 10.3 km return hike to the Big Beehive via Lake Agnes which starts right at Lake Louise. The trail easy and the views incredible. The walk combines a trip to a historic tea house with a climb to an impressive viewpoint overlooking Lake Louise. Lake Agnes Teahouse is the most expensive place you will ever set foot in on earth (Note: the website Menu has no prices – if you ask, you can’t afford it!). Maple Tea for 6 cost $70!!! Paul wanted to continue a further 11Kms to the plain of the 6 glaciers but kids insisted on going back. Thoroughly recommend this walk, but bring deep pockets!

After our hike we enjoyed. couple of hours paddling on Lake Louise. BUCKET LIST – Tick!

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