Johnston Trail, Inkpots and Morraine Lake

Moraine Lake is a glacially fed lake in Banff National Park, 14 kilometres outside the village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. It is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at an elevation of approximately 1,884 metres. The lake has a surface area of 50 hectares.

๐Ÿ™‚ Amazing hike with stunning vistas. Very quiet on hike. Stunning lake.

๐Ÿ™ Lake Morraine very busy. No firepit at camp.

Up early at 7am and packed up as we decided to have breakfast at the start of the Johnson Canyon Trailhead as we planned to hike to the Inkpots. What a spectacular walk – Long – over 12Kms but worth every step. The Johnston Canyon trail leads visitors up into the belly of a dramatic canyon created by the flow of Johnston Creek. The Johnston Canyon trail alternates between being in a lush pine forest and on elevated walkways above the flowing water.The elevated walkways are one of the big highlights of the Johnston Canyon hike. The Johnston Canyon Lower Falls are well-hidden in a narrow part of the canyon.There are five pristine aquamarine pools that reward you for perseverance. Thereโ€™s a series of short trails around the incredible Ink Pots, with many benches to stop, sit and soak in the majesty of this unique and beautiful Banff landscape. The water gurgling up through the sandy bottom of the ink pots is fun to watch …STUNNING.

After our walk we drove to nearby Morraine Lake. We struggled to park as it was very busy but managed to find a spot. We hired a canoe but within 10mins it started to storm – rain, hail, thunder and lightening – not great out on a canoe!! Stunning but scary! A big New Yorker helped Paul grab the canoe to carry it back to the where we were supposed to drop it as it was too dangerous on the water and it was super heavy! He suggested that we visit Waterton Lakes National Park for wildlife. We only got one photo as the rain had already started to fall as we headed to the bank for shelter!

Went for a quick shop and checked in at Lake Louise site 10 which had electricity but no firepit ๐Ÿ™ We cooked a quick meal of pasta and went to bed!

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