The City of Brussels is the largest municipality and historical centre of the Brussels-Capital Region, as well as the capital of Belgium. The City of Brussels is also the administrative centre of the European Union, as it hosts a number of principal EU institutions in its European Quarter. Historic yet hip, bureaucratic yet bizarre, self-confident yet unshowy, Brussels is multicultural to its roots. Image result for brussels Brussels is known for its cuisine and gastronomic offer (including its local waffle, its chocolate, its French fries and its numerous types of beers), as well as its historical and architectural landmarks; some of them are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

🙂 Strangely surreal place – not unpleasant … just …different from other European cities.

🙁 Nothing negative to report.

THREE things we did not know about Brussels:

  1. According to a survey of international travellers published in 2008 Brussels, the capital of Europe, is the most boring city on the continent, despite being renown for its waffles, chocolates, and comic books… Despite this, after Dubai, Brussels has the highest percentage of citizens born abroad in the world, with over 60% foreign-born residents,
  2. Brussels is a foodie heave – you will not stay hungry here! Brussels seems to have it all, from the cheaper options to the most special fine dining experiences, healthy, local, street food, sea food, you name it. Moules Frites (mussels and fries) is the most famous dish originating from Belgium.
  3. The world’s second deepest swimming pool, reaches 35 meters in depth, has several simulated underwater caves and is located in Brussels. Nemo 33 held the record for the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world until 2014 when the Y-40 pool opened in Padua, Italy It is a practice ground for scuba divers.

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