Ecuador: Galapagos Day 5: Bartolome Island

Located at the center of the archipelago, Bartolome is one of the most frequently visited sites of all the islands. The highest point is only 374 ft (114 m) above sea level and it is separated from the island of Santiago by Sullivan Bay. The island has a surface area of 0.74 mi (1.2 km) It is an excellent site for snorkelling, filled with the breath taking volcanic landscapes that make this corner of the world so unique. It has an incredible landscape and you can see why MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD was filmed here.

The ocean currents here were incredibly strong so the Letty was cruising at 3knots instead of 8 knots resulting in a delay of several hours. We had our wake up call at 7.30am and enjoyed breakfast but then napped to kill the time until we arrived at ‘Barto Love Island’. Truly volcanic with cinder cones and splinter cones. We climbed the steps to the very top of this barren, Mars like island. The views are spectacular!

Evidence of ‘volcanic bombs’ and lava flows everywhere. There is a sunken crater lake filled with turquoise water in a perfect circle.

After the walk we had a spectacular snorkel with shoals of fish and swam between pinnacles shelves of lava flows. Swam with rays and curious sea lions who turned to gaze into our eyes as we swam above them. Excellent!!!

Lunch was delicious Tex Mex followed by a siesta on the sun deck.

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