Arctic Cruise: Day 6

Day 6: Wednesday, 29 June 2022. Another highly exciting day - we sailed right up to the ice floe!! 81 Degrees North! Woo!Hoo! Absolutely spectacular to be surrounded by the ice floe....

Itinerary: LongyearbyenHornsund – Negribreen – Wilhelmoya – Texas Bar – Monaco Breen – 81 Nord – Ny-Alesund Glacier – 4 July Glacier

Up at 07h15 when the Captain announced the presence of 2 hump backed whales – we were in for a good day!!

We then advanced on to the ice floe – SO EXCITING!!! I then headed for a wonderful massage with a lovely Mauritian lady – blissful. There was a nice pic of Paul and I on display. A map with some lovely art work was being auctioned.

Next up we had a spectacular sighting of a polar bear who actually walked up to the ship to take a look and have a sniff – magical!! Then another bear – 4 so far this trip! He was a Monster- HUGE! Plus the age old question was answered – do polar bears poop in the Arctic?!

We then relaxed on the balcony simply marvelling at the fact that we were slowly moving through the ice flow at 81 degrees North!

That evening we enjoyed the Caviar special with champagne. Paul in particular enjoyed his new found freedom – quite amusing watching him and Tony stagger back to our cabins after a bit of dance instruction from one of the dancers!

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