Amsterdam: Hungry Bird Food Tour

The Hungry Bird Day Experience is an exciting, fun and informative street food adventure. It feeds you the Dutch 'eat-ssentials' and introduces you to some of the colonial past of The Netherlands. It's the thing to do if you are dying to know the answers to questions like... What the heck is Dutch food? What do Amsterdammers eat? How do they live? Ready to find out? Fly with Hungry Birds!

🙂 Food, glorious food!

🙁 Damrak gin!

Our Hungry Bird tour guide, Zosia’s first port of call was FEBO. This is a chain of automated fast food vending machines: Fries, Burgers, Bami (Indonesian), Kipcorn (Chicken stick), croquette and souffle are all on the menu! We sampled them between us – I would say a night of drinking before hand would justify the experience!

The tour includes walking and using the Metro, which is super easy to navigate. Our next stop was Toko Ramee. Fantastic little shop with authentic Indonesian food – a reminder that The Dutch East Indies was a Dutch colony consisting of what is now Indonesia. The spekkoek (multi layered spice cake) was great as was the rice roll. Yum.

Tjin’s is a little Surinamese grocery store that also sells ready made food – we enjoyed an interesting chicken sandwich with Javanese chillies in a warm baguette – Divine. I had not realised that in 1667 Suriname had become a Dutch Colony and share the same language. It is situated slightly north of the Equator at the North / East top of South America.

We continued sampling food down the market which included raw herring served with onion and pickles and kroket with mustard.

Now it was time for something sweeter and we moved on to the famous Poffertjes which are small fluffy pancakes topped with butter and powdered sugar – delicious!

Still on the sweet path, we bought Stroopwafel at the stand and the round waffle halves were still warm and the syrup in between deliciously hot liquid. Amazing.

Now it was time for a drink! We headed to Cafe Oosterling which is one of the oldest bars in town and whose barman’s family has owned the cafe for 150 years! Beer with a chaser!

Post pub, what else is there to do but queue at VleminckX for the best Patatje – French fries – in a pointy paper bag in Amsterdam – delicious!

We were nearly defeated but not before the final stop for Cheese at Dutch Delicacy!! Excellent service and sampled the amazing meats, cheeses and wines on offer. Particularly liked the truffle cheese.

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