New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most stunning countries we have ever visited - we nearly emigrated! From Fjords, to geothermal springs, snow capped mountains, magnificent walking trails and white sandy beaches to skiing and surfing - there is something for everyone! New Zealand is famous for its Manuka honey, fine wines and Kiwis (As an avid Springbok supporter I will not mention the All Blacks!).

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Fiji is famed for its intense tropical beauty. Trent had the privilege of celebrating his 5th birthday with the Fijian Villagers. We were aboard Captain Cook's cruise boat and travelled to Robinson Crusoe island. Magnificent scuba diving and welcoming locals. We enjoyed a traditional kava ceremony with delicious lovo. Kava is a mildly narcotic and sedative drink made from the root of the yaqona - when presented with the kava you clap and yell "Bula" (Fijian for Hello) and drink in one gulp followed by three more claps and yelling "Ma-tha!". You then feel marvellously serene ... no doubt why Fijians serve kava to settle arguments or to make peace between Villagers!

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Think Australia and you think vast Outback, Uluru, Great Barrier Reef, venomous snakes and spiders, Kangaroos and Koalas, Aboriginal culture and Crocodile Dundee and Neighbours ... all of which are spot on Bruce / Sheila!

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