UK: Northern Ireland – Giant’s Causeway

The Giant's Causeway gained its name due to the Irish myth surrounding its formation. Most likely because of the Causeway's uniform and unusual shape, the people of Ancient Ireland created a fable to understand how the Causeway was created. As lava cools, cracks within the material grow most efficiently at certain angles. In many places worldwide, such as Devils Tower in Wyoming and the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland (image), ancient lavas cooled into hexagonal blocks or columns. It is 2 miles (3km) from Bushmills village, 11 miles (18km) from Coleraine and 13 miles (21km) from Ballycastle.

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Vietnam: Day 11: Hue to Danang via Hai Van Pass to Hoi An

Da Nang is a coastal city in central Vietnam known for its sandy beaches and history as a French colonial port. It's a popular base for visiting the inland Bà Nà hills to the west of the city. The Hai Van Pass is a 20-kilometre strip of road that joins the city of Da Nang and Lang Co in Hue Province. At 500 metres above sea level, it’s the highest pass in the whole of Vietnam. From Hải Vân Pass there are great views of Da Nang Bay and the Marble Mountains. These 5 limestone outcrops are topped with pagodas and hide caves containing Buddhist shrines.

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Vietnam: Day 10 – Day 12 – Hue

Huế is a city in central Vietnam that was the seat of Nguyen Dynasty emperors and the national capital from 1802 to 1945. A major attraction is its vast, 19th-century Đại Nội Citadel, surrounded by a moat and thick stone walls. It encompasses the Imperial City, with palaces and shrines; the Forbidden Purple City (Tử cấm thành), once the emperor’s home; and a replica of the Royal Theatre.

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Vietnam: Day 6 – Day 9 – Ha Giang Loop

Hà Giang is a province in northern Vietnam, bordering China. It's known for its forested limestone and granite mountains. The laid-back provincial capital, also called Hà Giang, sits on the Lô river. North of the capital, the Quản Bạ Valley has green hills and caves, and is the location of the Quản Bạ pass, also known as Heaven's Gate for its panoramic views over terraced rice fields below. This route route is a loop popular with motor cyclists and follows the QL4C northeast from Hà Giang to Bảo Lâm, and the QL34 southwest from Bảo Lâm. The landscape is spectacular with Nguom Ngao caves, Ban Gioc waterfalls and incredible passes and traditional villages. Until recently, it has been cut off from visitors by the Vietnamese government, and has therefore escaped the relentless march of civilisation ...Note that you do require a permit when heading north of Ha Giang or Meo Vac which was easily organised by our helpful Vietnamese contact. AMAZING.

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