The Netherlands: Amsterdam – Rijksmuseum and Rijks

The Rijksmuseum tells the story of the Netherlands from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Including works by Rembrandt, the most famous is his masterpiece, the Night Watch.Afterwards treat yourself: Joris Bijdendijk’s highly personal cuisine at RIJKS has put the Rijksmuseum’s culinary masterpiece firmly on the map - Divine.

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The Netherlands: Amsterdam – Red Light District

Prostitution in Amsterdam is nearly as old as the city itself. As early as the 15th century and possibly earlier, the first prostitutes arrived to earn a living in the harbor of Amsterdam. The Red Light District is still located in the oldest part of the city. The women initially plied their trade in the streets. In the sixties, the police made it illegal to solicit from doorways. Sitting behind the window was tolerated if the curtains were almost closed. By burning a red light behind the chink, it was clear to men that they could come here for a prostitute. Today it is allowed to keep the curtains open but the red lights are still used. As a result the evening hours are the best time to visit. The Red Light District then comes to life and clearly shows where its name originated.

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The Netherlands: Amsterdam – Hungry Bird Food Tour

The Hungry Bird Day Experience is an exciting, fun and informative street food adventure. It feeds you the Dutch 'eat-ssentials' and introduces you to some of the colonial past of The Netherlands. It's the thing to do if you are dying to know the answers to questions like... What the heck is Dutch food? What do Amsterdammers eat? How do they live? Ready to find out? Fly with Hungry Birds!

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The Netherlands: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famed for its canals, galleries, museums, Anne Frank House, beautiful houses, "coffee" shops and the Red Light District. Perfect for a weekend break. Things you did not know about Amsterdam- Cannabis is not actually legal in Amsterdam: When most people think of smoking in Amsterdam coffeeshops, they assume it’s as legal as it is to smoke a cigarette, however this is far from the truth. Cannabis is not actually legal in The Netherlands, it is just tolerated in ‘coffeeshops’ for low-volume sales to the public. There is a boat dedicated to cats: Supported entirely by donations; not only is this a sanctuary for stray cats, it has been one since 1966 and volunteers give their time up to feed and look after these adorable animals. With around 50 cats on the boat at any given time, this is cat lover heaven - history and good deeds all in one! 63% of Amsterdamers use their bikes every day:Compared to around 610,000 Londoners, Amsterdam experiences an impressive 800,000 people using their bikes on a daily basis

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